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With several countless hosting companies out there choosing the reliable one to host your website with can be a challenge. That is why we have this great article for you to get rid of this confusion. Well, We suggest you Hostgator, which is the top choice amongst our recommended Bes web hosting providers. Hopefully by the end of it you will not only have a better idea of what to look for in a web host but also see why HostGator is a solid choice.

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We will breifly discuss about Hostgator Varios Hosting plans below.

Following picture gives some basic features of three web hosting plans offered by Hostgator:

HostGator Reviews by Users

I’ve used hostgator since 2006 and in that time have tried at least 10 other hosting companies from small plans to dedicated servers. Hostgator, still, to this day have the best support and uptime of all the hosting companies I’ve used. Their reseller plans aren’t the cheapest, but one day of downtime is enough to cost you a years worth of hosting fees right? Pay the extra and you’ll sleep better at night

By: Chris

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I have been with Hostgator for over 4 years now having moved from many different hosts before finding the right one, Hostgator. I have never had such a fantastic service from any company anywhere! Hostgator are simply the best you will find, the customer service is amazing, 24/7 and they help with all kinds of advice, even when it isnt server related. They have techs working for them that actually care for the customers and this has been proven time and time again when I had issues with scripts, even though it wasnt up to Hostgator to fix these issues, they gave me great advice to get the scripts working. I have a dedicated pro server, fully managed and a level 4 VPS, both are perfect for my entire business and I have a lot of sites!
Anyway, Hostgator are simply the best hosting company out there and that is the reason why they are so popular, if you are searching for a hosting company, you dont need to, just go to Hostgator!

By: Will

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Hostgator is an excellent service provider offer quality web hosting services. I also availed their Email hosting facility and my mailing system works extremely well. Moreover, the customer support they offer is also prompt & brisk. This is the major reason why I’m not hunting for any other web hosting services company. Great Work and Excellent Services by Host Gator.
Thanks and Regards

By:  Johncen

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HostGator is the best hosting provider. Previously i used JustHost for my website but i faced long server downtimes without notifications. First year price was 40$ and then about 150$ and they don’t let me transfer my domain. Then i moved to HostGator. It is the best hosting i recommend. Fast customer support and excellent website speed.

By: Mohammed Sohail

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I have been with HG since 2003 and have never had a major problem! Only problem was php/cpanel/server upgrades, but that is to be expected as you cannot update something and thin its going to work while doing so but they always notify me weeks ahead of time so I can let me members know of the upcoming downtime.
I’d never pick another host and I highly doubt I’d get one that’d top them.
Want a reliable host, look no further! This is the best one your going to find hands down!

By: Reddtessa

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I am not sure why people are complaining about their customer support! They fixed several downtime issues I was having, I also phoned them up and within 1 minute of being on their free-phone line, I was through to someone who was English and who actually helped me with my technical issues massively. They also provide tonnes of access to stuff such as PHP configuration and SSH, and are extremely helpful.

I’m sorry, but HostGator in comparison to other hosts are unbelievable fantastic. In terms of the 2IP migration, you had to choose an annual billing system or you would be billed after a month. I made the same mistake but I had the problem solved in 3 minutes over their live chat.

Also the uptime is fantastic, and if your website is down for more than 42 minutes, you get a months free credit.

Fantastic people, highly recommended.

By: Jamie

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I been online over ten years adult user of hostgator. I tested four other hosting service and now happy with hostgator for two years. 10 STARS FOR SUPPORT! No down time problems. Bluehost problem down time cpanel hard to understand, Yahoo hosting support 9 stars no down time great site builder software and builind tools.

By: Kent

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I have one site on HostGator. Technically, they are superior, but one thing that confuses me is the praises for their response time. Every time I have had to contact them for support, I have had to wait 15 minutes for a live chat and about the same for a rep on the phone. JustHost has proven to me to be much more responsive. Every time I complain to the rep at HostGator they have given me the stock line that they are constantly working to improve their customer support.

By: Rick

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  1. deepak moinis

    I love HostGator services, I was using weebly then recently got HostGator. I was not happy with weebly as I could not customize my site as my wish. Now I use WordPress that's hosted by HostGator and anytime I have issues, they're right on it with their 24/7 live chat customer support. Loved this host..


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