How to Create a New Website?

Building a new website is a great way to share your ideas and thoughts with the world. I’m often asked how to set personal website or for a new business. Fortunately, it’s very easy and affordable to create a website. You don’t even have to know the coding knowledge HTML or web programming. There are several free and powerful website templates available.

Here are the three steps to create a new website from start to finish:

Register a Domain Name:

A domain is the name of your website, such as Domains normally end with .com, .net .org, .biz, .info and many other, these are called domain extensions- the most popular being the .com ending.

Check if your domain name is available or not: Checking if your domain name is available is completely free, and there’s no obligation to purchase the domain. However, if you think of a great idea for a website name, you’re smart to register a domain name it as soon as possible – before someone else snatches it for themselves!

In fact, most web hosting providers give you a lifetime free domain name when you sign up with them.

Sign up with a web hosting provider:

A web host is a company that stores your web pages on the server and makes them viewable on the Internet. They also provide email accounts, forums, blogs etc.

You reserve a domain name with a web host and usually pay an annual fee for them to host your web pages. Web hosting rates are extremely competitive – as low as $1.99 a month with a professional web host like iPage, HostGator.

Your hosting account will come with several personalized email addresses, such as (e.g. It will also come with database support, web traffic, spam control, and several other web tools to help you manage your new website.

Here’s a list of best web hosting providers with hosting prices and features comparison.

Create your web pages:

Once you have done with registering a domain name and signed up for a web hosting account, it’s now time to create your web pages or website. Your new website should have a consistent look and feel to its web pages. There are many free tools that will help you quickly build professional looking web pages without any coding that is HTML or PHP knowledge.

Best 10 Website Builder Hosting Services

This video shows how to create a professional looking website with iPage Drag and Drop Builder tool:

Drag & Drop Site Builder by iPage

Great web site building!

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