How to Recognize a Best Domain Name

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The problems of newbies in domain business are many. But their major problem is that they do not know what makes up good domain names. Most of them, when they entered into domain industry all they know are to load their credit card with money and hand to register domains as they wish. But they soon realize that they are unable to sell a single one.

The purpose of this article is to unfold some of the problems encountered by newbies in industry, my believe is that when they study this little work, they should understand what makes up good domain’s quality. Domains are of various categories and so their quality varies as well.

Brand-able or Branding Types of Domains:

Branding types of domains can be one or two words. They are the types that may not necessarily available in dictionary; some are in the dictionary but does not have any strong usages on daily commercial activities. If anyone register a domain name , such person will need to brand them and need to spend much of time and lots of money to make them known for a particular business or role.

The good examples of branding types of domain names are , , , etc. They are very unique when branded and pull lots of traffic and makes money for their owners, but it is not easy to sell or flip them when newly registered except when they are old and very popular.

Keyword Domain Names:

Keyword domains are joined two or more words that are in the dictionary, meaningful to some people who are searching for them on search engines before discovery. Such words as: “Insurance vendors” “Motel Dresses” “Polo Club” “fashion directory, car dealers” and so on. Keyword domains are very lucrative, especially, those that are formed out of words that has high cost per clicks.

Highly Demanding Domains:

Highly Demanding Domains are short and easily pronounced; some of them are found among three or four letters. Some are more than one word, but have good natural search engine attraction that placed them on page one of many search engines. They are unique special words that are found in every niche.

Long Tail Keyword Domains:

Long tail keyword domains are domains formed out of long tail keywords that is combination of more than two three, four or more words. They are domains that are as long as my topic above; these types of domains are mostly used for traffic cashing and to redirect them to short domains in most cases.

However, I hereby advice newbies to register their domains with only .com extension. Except if the extension is taken and when found the keyword to be very essential, before they can use other extensions for better and easy sales of their domain names.

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