Windows vs. Linux Hosting

New webmasters who are trying to find a web host to host website find great difficulty of choosing a right web hosting platform among the two choices Windows and Linux. Is Linux hosting better than Windows hosting or vice versa? In reality deciding which web hosting system you need to choose is based on what type of scripting languages you need.

Linux hosting:

Linux web hosting platform is very popular in the web hosting world since beginning as it is highly used by many webmasters. Liux hosting is a wee bit cheaper than Windows and can afford easily.

Do You Need PHP, Perl, WordPress, Blogging Software, MySQL, etc? 

If you want to set up a blog, or need shopping cart for selling things, or just create a simple website like and don’t need to have any special requirements, you should go for a Unix-based host, that is, a web hosting package that uses a system like Linux or FreeBSD.

Linux disadvantages are:
Linux hosting commonly will not support ASP and .NET. While there is software like Chilisoft ASP and Apache::ASP at enables ASP on Linux machines, it is far less common to find a Linux web hosting platform that supports ASP or .NET.

Windows hosting:

Many webmasters think they need to get Windows hosting because their desktop computer is Windows one. It’s not so. A Windows server is very different that a Windows desktop and most of your interaction with your web server will be through FTP or a web interface anyway.

Do You Need ASP or .NET or Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server?

If your website rely on Windows-specific technologies like ASP, or .NET or Microsoft Access, or Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) Or If your website has to directly execute ASP or .NET code, or directly access Microsoft Access or MSSQL databases, then it’s more convenient to get a Windows web hosting package. Whereas, you can  there are ways to use such things on Unix-based systems also, but if you need to use these Windows-specific web technologies, it is more better if you simply use a Windows web host.

Windows disadvantages are:
Availability. Windows is currently much less popular than Linux, so it is little difficult to find a Windows web hosting system with the exact features that you need.
Price Windows web hosting is costly compared to Linux web hosting.

Which Web hosting platform should you use?

Windows vs. Linux Hosting. Which one should you use? That is completely up to you. If you need to use ASP or .NET then you need to use a Windows hosting platform. Otherwise, it should be more convineint to use more popular and cheaper Linux web hosting platform. Check out the list of Best Linux and Windows Web Hosting providers.

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